Portfolio of IEEE N3XT Speakers

Peter Shankman

CEO. Angel Investor. Entrepreneur.

Michael Hyatt

Dragon on CBC's Next Gen Den

Lynette Kucsma

Co-Founder & CMO at Natural Machines

Emilio Sepulveda

Co-Founder & CEO at Natural Machines

Blake Lloyd

Co-Founder, Iris Power

Tom Lowden

Director of Creative Destruction Lab

Pramod Abichandani

Founder of LocoRobo Inc.

James Slifierz

Co-Founder, SkyWatch Space Applications

Zenas Hutcheson

Venture Capitalist & CEO

Ana Luisa Santos

Co-Founder of MobGeek

Alpesh Shah

Senior Director, IEEE Standards Association

Kamal Hassan

Founder and CEO of IncMind; Director of Founder Institute Toronto

Ken Stauffer

CEO & Co-Founder of Technology Assurance Labs

Oleg Logvinov

Oleg Logvinov is the Director of Special Assignments in STMicroelectronics

Elena Iosef

Associate Lawyer at Dipchand LLP

Mark Wingate

Chairman of the Board, Maxi Volt Corporation

Ryan Gariepy

CTO of Clearpath Robotics

April Dunford

RocketWatcher Startup Marketing

Michael Katchen

Founder and CEO of Wealthsimple

Prashant Matta

Associate at OMERS Ventures

Marylin Ma

Communitech Rev Accelerator

Alvin Chen

Co-Founder of VascuLogic

Allan Tear

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Betaspring

Trish Nixon

MaRS Centre for Impact Investing

Rakesh Kumar

President and CEO, TCX Technology Connexions and Active IEEE Volunteer

Maria Mokhnatkina

Engineering Leader & Entrepreneur

Shraddha Chaplot

Greengineer and Machinegineer, Cisco

Ana Baltodano

Director of Portfolio Success, Founder Institute HQ

Randi Sumner

Senior Director, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, IEEE

Devon Ryan

Founder of LION Mobile and IEEE-USA Board Young Professionals Representative

Sara Rehman

Co-Founder, Agora

Ramphis Castro

Co-Founder of ScienceVest and Impact Science Angels

Arjun R Pillai

Co-founder & CEO, Profoundis


Founder & CEO at Honest Dollar

Aneshia Y. Smith

Executive Director of the Aneshia Y. Smith Institute for Women and Girls

Jessica F. Winchester

Associate at Bookoff McAndrews PLLC

Stefan Palios

Founder of Ziversity

Kevin Koym

Founder and CEO of Tech Ranch

Rachel Zimmer & Bram Warshafsky

Co-Founders at 5Crowd

Ryan Lund

Co-Founder of Cerebri AI Inc.

Hall T. Martin

Founder and CEO of the Texas Entrepreneur Network

Robert Oakley

R&D support at re:3D, Inc

Helge Seetzen

CEO of TandemLaunch

Mellie Price

Executive Director of Technology Innovation at the Dell Medical School

John Martin Taboada

Managing Member at Taboada Law Firm, PLLC

Rani Yadav-Ranjan

Founder and Chief Executive of 4PIA, Inc. (People In Action)

Tiana Laurence

Chief Marketing Officer at Factom

Ross Spencer Garsson

Member at Dickinson Wright PLLC

Meshell Baker

Founder/Owner of Meshell Baker

Adnan Raza

Senior Business Strategy Consultant with Mackenzie Investments

Jim Jefferies

Retired AT&T and Lucent Technologies Executive

David Smith

President of Social Care Inc.

Terry Wong

Principal / Committee Member EPIC

Melissa Marshall

Keynote Speaker

Scott Stirrett

Executive Director and Founder of Venture for Canada

Ted Lehr

Data Architect, City of Austin

Fawzi Behmann

President, TelNet Management Consulting, Inc.

William Hulsey

Founder of HULSEY PC

Mohammad Asad Rehman Chaudhry

Executive Director, Soptimizer

Amy Balliett

Co-Founder & CEO of Killer Infographics

Zvi Yaniv

President/CEO at Advanced Technology Generator

Akhil Sivanandan

Co-Founder of Green Story

Caitlin MacGregor

CEO & Co-founder of Plum

Samantha Snabes

Catalyst for re:3D

Ashar Baig

Director, Technology Planning and Strategy at Huawei Technologies

Brian Meece

Co-Founder of RocketHub

Derek Newton

Assistant VP, Innovation, Partnerships & Entrepreneurship The University of Toronto

Graham Fuller

Senior Relationship Manager, Mercer Consumer’s Professional Occupations Practice

Ayanna Howard

Chief Technology Officer at Zyrobotics

Avery Francis

Senior Talent Manger, Rangle.io

Barry Hutt

CEO of Viviota

Leslie Martinich

Founder and President of Competitive Focus

Gerry Roston

CEO, Civionics, Inc., and Executive-in-Residence, TechTown Detroit

Joseph Pinkerton

Founder-CEO Clean Energy Labs

Mauro Togneri

Retired Engineer, Consultant, Founder

Matt Glazer

Executive Director of the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce (AYC) and Austin Young Chamber of Commerce Foundation (AYCF)

Bill Blackstone

General Manager, Galvanize

Silu Modi

Director of Innovation at Royal Bank of Canada